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Want someone to stop you and demand, "I need to know where you bought that!” Well, look no further. Half of this business is one-of-a-kind jewelry crafted from recycled, vintage NYC traffic light lenses. (Yes, the ones that once hung here!)


The other half is jewelry made from antique watch and clock parts. Two very different looks, but both up-cycling pieces of our past, and given a new life. Want to literally give someone a piece of the Big Apple? Or a piece from the steampunk trend? This is jewelry you can’t find anywhere else.

Q: When did you get started with vending?
A: When I lost my job in corporate America, and I decided to finally do something I love.

Q: What did you do before OR what else do you do, workwise?
A: I worked as a sales rep for a major tobacco company, and before that, I was a letter carrier for the USPS.

Q: Do you have a favorite food vendor?
A: The Korean woman who sells soup.

Q: What was your best sale?
A: Two Australian men who owned a shop in Sydney purchased over 15 items for their shop.

Q: Why don’t you sell online?
A: Since my pieces are one of a kind, each one would have to be photographed, put on the site and taken down when sold, it’s too much work for one person.

Q: Why are you so passionate about markets?
A: Individuality: there are vendors from all over the world together in one spot!

Q: When you were a kid what did you want to be, and why?
A: A teacher, an actress, a waitress, a pilot etc.

Q: When someone comes to your booth what should they ask you?
A: Any questions are welcome, but I’m tired of explaining why the green light is turquoise. “Google it!”

Q: Do you have any secret talents?
A: I can hit a baseball pretty well.

Q: What guilty pleasure to you have?
A: Candy.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in NYC, and why?
A: Clipper City boat ride. It’s amazing to see the city from the water on a sailboat.

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