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Davis & Gilbert LLP is a strategically focused, full-service mid-sized law firm, representing a wide array of clients and industries. Widely regarded as the #1 law firm for the marketing communications industry.


Be part of what makes NYC so unique.

As Grand Bazaar NYC’s purpose is to be the funding source for four local public schools, benefiting over 2,000 children, and to provide much-needed affordable retail space for talented local artisan and specialty dealers sponsorship and partnerships are very important to us!

We’re highly creative and will work with you to find a mutually beneficial way to work together.

Grand Bazaar NYC will draw 650,000 quality shoppers to its Upper West Side location; will work with over 1,000 independent local artists, designers, craft-makers, vintage and specialty dealers, creative entrepreneurs, and artisanal food entrepreneurs; and will organize and host over 50 special themed events and pop-up markets.

We are always looking to forge relationships with sponsors, marketers, media companies, artist communities, and other markets.

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