Frequently asked questions

Yes, the market is open to the public and to all ages. You are more than welcome to donate to our social cause of raising funds for the four local public schools, benefiting over 2,000 children. Welcome to donate

The market is open, all year-round, every Sunday from 10am – 5:30pm. Both indoors and outdoors.

Yes. Both indoors and outdoors are open all year-round.

On Sundays parking on the street is free. For garages in the neighborhood please see here. Directions

As we are on the grounds of the Department of Education they do not allow dogs on the property. Only exception are ADA companion animals with proper ID.

As we are open all year-round we have hundreds of vendors come through the market. Some vendors are with us every Sunday and others are seasonal vendors. And, some are just with us for our special events. Special events

Many vendors accept debit/credit cards, for those that don’t there are two banks with ATM’s next to the market. Remember, cash is king at a market.

Depending on the day and time of year you’ll find between 60 and 200 vendors all selling one-of-a-kind, rare, and limited edition goods. It’s a melting pot just like NYC itself, with a mix between old and new, from the best independent antique/vintage dealers to the creative artists, designers and craft-makers; as well as fantastic artisanal foods. There a big items like handmade furniture to fine vintage Rolex watches or diamond bracelets.

Yes, both the indoor and outdoor market can be easily accessed and enjoyed.

Unfortunately we don’t have access to the facilities restrooms however surrounding the market are many great cafes and restaurants who would be happy if you visited them too.

Yes, some make deliveries themselves, and other have helpers or a company do this for them.

Yes, absolutely! Best is to come hungry to the market as we always have great artisanal food vendors. At peak time we have 30 food vendors with us. Many locals come every week to shop and eat.

Friends, curiosity and hunger. If it’s the time a year where the sun is strong we recommend sunscreen, and if it looks like rain an umbrella. Otherwise, cash and enough time to discover and shop.

Yes, we are open all year-round, indoors and outdoors. No matter if it rains, shines, or snows we’ll be open.

We are both, all year-round.

We kindly ask all interested merchants to fill out our online application, here.

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