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Taste This Cheesecake


The founder of Taste This Cheesecake worked in the print & prepress Business but would spent free time learning how to bake, bringing new creations to work to share. Soon, co-workers were asking to buy the bread and cakes for holidays and special occasions. Finally, seven years ago it was time to quit that job and start the business selling cheesecake and it’s grown ever since.

Taste This Cheesecake

Q: How and when did you get started with vending?
A: May 2012. I started doing the market to test market my cheesecakes.

Q: What did you do before workwise?
A: I was a production manager in the printing & large format business. I produced look books for Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang & Joseph Abboud. Did billboards and scaffolding wraps for Weatherproof Clothing & supervised photo shoots for several upscale fashion lines.

Q: Has a celebrity ever bought something from you? 
A: Cindy Hsu from CBS News stopped by when I first started and bought a variety of cakes for her kids. Tea Leoni used to get my Mocha Bourbon cheesecake before she got the part on Madam Secretary

Q: What was your best sale?
A: I had a woman who stopped by and tried my cheesecake and said she’d like to give them as gifts at her wedding. Six months went by, when a woman left a message that she was her wedding planner and they had lost my business card but had finally found me through my website. She purchased 300 cakes with personalized lids.

Q: Why don’t you sell online?
A: I tried but the cost of the dry ice and the packaging + shipping fees made the cost so high that people wouldn’t order them

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in NYC, and why?
A: I love going to the different markets and trying out food and talking to other vendors

Q: What is your favorite (NYC) restaurant?
A: Daniels.  I proposed to my wife there and when I popped the question Martha Stewart was sitting near us and asked very loudly are you 2 getting engaged? She bought us a glass of champagne and had Daniel come over and congratulate us and left us a piece of white chocolate in the shape of a wedding cake.

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