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Pierre LaBorde

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Haitian-born, I received my formal education at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, graduating with a B.F.A in Fashion Design. I enhanced my artistic skills with an A.A.S degree in Graphic design. and worked in the New York design district. Today, I have taken my love of fashion and skill for technical detailing to create a unique line of accessories.

Pierre LaBorde

I have taken my love of fashion and skill for technical detailing to create a unique line of accessories that emphasizes individuality and superb craftsmanship. The Pierre LaBorde handbag collection is unique, classic, and fashionable creating a lasting impression of bold and confident style. My accessories include handbags, clutches, belts, bracelets, and credit cards holders.

Q: How and when did you get started with vending?

A: I started 4 years ago. I was selling through friends, at my place. I didn’t feel confident enough, but my friends and customers pushed me to start vending. Ever since I have started I really enjoy it, most of all interacting with different customers.

Q: What did you do before OR what else do you do, workwise?

I was working in the fashion industry as design assistant

Q: What is your most memorable vending moment?

I have several, but there’s one that always stays with me. One time I had a customer who wanted to purchase an Item. She asked to speak with the designer, and when I told her it was me, she didn’t believe it. After a long conversation, she apologized and ever since she’s a customer and a friend.

Q: Which celebrity would you like to buy something from you? (Why?)

A: Oprah would be my number one. Having her buy something from me would amazing, because she’s a real icon, respected by everyone. I like the fact that she worked hard to be where she is now: actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist.

Q: What was your best sale?

A: My asymmetrical shape clutch, named after my best friend Sumaya.

Q: Why are you so passionate about markets?

A: It’s a great way to interact with people, it’s nice to see how people react to some of my creations. People get to touch the stuff, hold it, see how it’s made, they get to learn more bout me and I get to learn about them. This is the best way to get myself out there. Online people can only see or read what you sell them about your product, but when they get to see it, feel it, interact with them as the designer and tell them how it’s made they have more appreciation for you as a designer and for your product.

Q: When you were a kid what did you want to be, and why?

A: I was always into design when I was a kid. When ever my parents would get me clothes, I always altered them. I always knew that I wanted to be in the design field or being an artist of some sort.

Q: Do you have any secret talents?

A: I’m a good cook, a lot of my friends think I should be a chef.

Q: What guilty pleasure to you have?

A: I love to have ice cream almost every night.

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