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Pepplish Provisions


Founder Timothy Fraczak was a huge fan of hot sauce, but he was constantly disappointed that increased heat seemed to eliminate flavor. So he took the heat into his own fiery hands, with ingredients like apple-cilantro-lime, peach-agave-garlic, and blueberry-basil-shallot. Making these sauces even hotter?

Pepplish Provisions

All the ingredients are sourced locally, ethically and sustainably! Just one example: the habanero peppers are grown by students at John Brown High School in Queens. No sense letting your meat and fish languish boring flavor, give these a try.

Q: How and when did you get started with vending?
A: It all started out as a hobby. I’d make sauces from peppers I grew at home. It wasn’t until November 2016 when I created my first batch of commercially produced sauce.

Q: What did you do before OR what else do you do, workwise?
A: I used to work for NYC’s Department of Environmental Protection as a hazardous material specialist. Soon after leaving that field, I finished my Masters degree in chemical engineering and started Pepplish. I took on a side job at Whole Foods to get a better understanding of how the food retail world works before commercially producing batches.

Q: What is your most memorable vending moment?
A: The first festival I attended, another vendor came over and said to me something like I can tell this is your first time doing this because you have fresh produce on display. You won’t be doing that in 5 years. My wife and I were perplexed at this person’s comments. Ever since then, we’ve kept our fresh produce display, and maybe out of spite, haha. Also, we’ve had many people compliment it, want to take pictures with it, and simply became interested in our sauces because of it.

Q: What was your best sale?
A: Outside of vending at outdoor markets and festivals, it’s either fulfilling a 25 case order to Heat Hot Sauce shop in California, or around 50 cases over the course of a month to Heatonist in Brooklyn.

Q: What is your favorite market in the world?
A: Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo because that’s where I got the freshest and tastiest sashimi in my entire life.

Q: When you were a kid what did you want to be, and why?
A: Major league baseball player because I really liked baseball (still do) and I was pretty good at it too. I used to play all year round from like the age of 5 to 17. A shoulder injury stopped me from becoming the world’s greatest baseball player, so I’ll have to settle for world’s best hot sauce maker.

Q: Do you have any secret talents?
A: I am pretty good at doing floral arrangements, which is somewhat evident with the table displays I have at markets. I actually made centerpieces and bouquets for friends’ weddings.

Q: What guilty pleasure do you have?
A: I’m a huge fan of the Pokemon games. I’ve been playing them since 1997. My favorite Pokemon is Gengar.

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