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JunJunkz' founder has always loved the 1980s - everything from walls, subways, murals, apparel, posters and all types of signage. An appreciation for graphics and apparel grew during his studies at FIT, so he put it all together in his work. He loves scouring city flea markets for apparel inspiration.


In this booth you’ll discover vintage t-shirts, coats, militarily, sneakers, cashmere, denim, and hats. And beyond apparel you’ll also find paintings, mid-century chairs, ammo boxes and other well-designed pieces from the past. Everything here reveals the superior craftsmanship you don’t see in products made today.

Q: When did you get started with vending?
A: I started collecting coins when I was young and I rapidly expanded into everything vintage. Because of my limited living space I was forced to downsize and found flea markets as my best option. My flea market journey started last spring.

Q: What did you do before OR what else do you do, workwise?
A: I was an adjunct at SUNY, FIT, Pratt Institute, Parsons and Marist College. At the same time working as a fashion graphic designer at Swiss Army, Calvin Klein Jeans, Hobie, Tokyo Five Jeans, and Enyce to name a few. Today, I am retired from the industry and I am now a farmer and collector. No kidding, I farm.

Q: What is your most memorable vending moment?
A: Anna Sui stopped by my booth.

Q: Do you have a favorite food vendor?
A: The pickle vendor.

Q: What was your best sale?
A: 1932 Polish 5 Gulden coin.

Q: Why don’t you sell online?
A: I never want to touch a computer again, after 13 years working in corporate. I am free!

Q: Why are you so passionate about markets?
A: I miss old-world institutions similar to the GrandBazaarNYC. I want to, in a small way, preserve that aspect of NYC. I miss old New York and I hope to see younger vendors take over this field. Otherwise, flea markets will be a thing of the past. It’s fun despite the light hazing by the older vendors. which is quite annoying, like a mosquito bite that never goes away. Also, I had no idea about how much money you can make. You won’t get rich, but you can supplement your income in a small way.

Q: When you were a kid what did you want to be, and why?
A: A professional skateboarder, because I loved it!

Q: What guilty pleasure to you have?
A: The 7 deadly sins, pretty much.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in NYC, and why?
A: Eating! because it rules and fuels me.

Q: What is your favorite (NYC) restaurant?
A: Cho Dang Gol, a Korean restaurant in K-town. Its organic, healthy and tastes good!

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