About Covid

Grand Bazaar NYC’s Commitment to Health and Safety Measures

We are looking forward continuing to support NYC’s independent artist, designers, craft-makers, vintage and antique dealers, and food entrepreneurs, so that they can reopen their businesses after many months of loss of income and a fear of uncertainty. And, as before we are committed to raising funds for the four local public schools and their 2,000 children by donating 100% of our profits.

Therefore, as we prepare to reopen the Grand Bazaar, we want to ensure we take all necessary steps and health and safety precautions for our merchants, staff and visitors, schools, and for the greater community of New York City. This responsibility we take very seriously!

We remain deeply committed on focusing on your well-being when at the Grand Bazaar. For this reason, we have restructured how we operate, from merchant briefings and requirements, to floorplan layouts, load-ins, set-ups, presentations, sterilization, and updated health and safety policies. We have reimagined the Bazaar’s experience so that everyone can enjoy it responsibly. We have put together our health and safety measures after reviewing the guidance of our government, including the Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC).

Acting responsible and doing what is right is a core value of Grand Bazaar NYC. While there is a risk of contracting Covid-19 in public places, we want to do our part in helping to promote each other’s safety. There are many important ways that we together can help everyone. As we implement our guidelines, we want to thank all our merchants, staff and visitors for doing their part and for being so supportive – as we are all in this together.

1. Health and Safety

Our approach is a team-effort of helping reducing the risk in a carefully managed environment.

2. Cleaning and Disinfecting

We’ve implemented new proceedings for cleaning and sanitizing.

3. Physical Distancing

Mutually respecting physical distancing goes a long way today in ensuring everyone’s safety and positive experience.

4. Staff Training and Workplace Safety

Safety starts with our staff and merchants.

5. Working Together

As each of us shares the responsibility for the health of our community, we are making our new policies public and distributing it to all our staff and merchants, so that they too can do their part.

When you are ready to visit the Bazaar and our merchants, we will be excited to welcome you back. Until then, stay well and see you soon!